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Damla is a Solicitor specialising in Extradition and Criminal cases. She is hugely passionate about protecting and upholding people’s human rights and ensuring that justice is served

Damla also attends police station to defend Client’s. She offers free, legal and independent advice in a variety of allegations made against suspects.

Damla is always seeking for alternative routes in strengthening her cases and obtaining the necessary expert evidence in support of these cases.

The challenges that her job presents and the fact that each case is always different, is one reason why Damla loves what she does. Criminal proceedings are life-changing to her Clients and this is something that is fully understood by Damla, which is reflected in her commitment to her work and finding new ways to continually strengthen her cases.

Due to the fast-paced nature of Criminal and Extradition law, Damla regularly keeps up to date with case law as her cases can heavily depend upon them. She also prides herself on refraining from using legal jargon and explaining the law in simplistic terms to her clients.

There are a wide variety of tasks that Damla regularly undertakes to help achieve the best possible results for her Clients. This includes:

  • Liaising with experts and lawyers abroad to obtain reports in support of our cases.
  • Regularly attending seminars to discuss updates in extradition and criminal law and leading cases. Many judges and lawyers from abroad would regularly attend and discuss cases.
  • Liaising with a variety of experts, psychiatrist, psychologists, occupational therapists, neurologists and many more. – all experts are instructed in accordance with the Client’s individual needs.
  • Arranging interpreters for the majority of Clients whose first language is not English in order to ensure the clients are supported throughout the proceedings.
  • Damla has experience personal injury, mainly clinical negligence claim, employer’s liability, slip and trips, public liability claims. Also dealt with a variety of road traffic accident claims.

Contact Damla Ayas

Damla can be contacted on 0208 552 1738 or via e-mail damlaayas@ebrattridge.com to discuss how she together with her team members at EBR Attridge LLP may be of service



  • R v Patterson- 9 August 2019: Representations were made to the Crown that the items seized did not amount to an offensive weapon. The case was discontinued
  • R v Negashe- 27 March 2019- Representations were made to the Crown to discontinue the case due to insufficient evidence. Criminal charges discontinued.
  • R v O’Doherty - 26 November 2017: Defendant charged with 8 counts of sexual activity against a minor. The Defendant was acquitted from all 8 counts.
  • R v Dallip 2016: Defendant had a longstanding history of previous convictions and the Crown sought to adduce bad character. Application opposed as it would be prejudicial to his case. After written and oral submissions, the bad character evidence was excluded.


  • Siwak v Prosecutor General’s Office, Poland Feb 2019-       Article 8 of ECHR – Balancing exercise

 The judge's appraisal of the significance of the delay had been wrong and further evidence showed that the impact on the appellant's children would be significantly more severe than he had allowed for. Appeal allowed.

  • Fuzesi & Balazs v Hungary 2018: Article 3 of ECHR- lead case on Hungarian prison conditions. Despite improvements being made in Hungarian prisons, breaches of assurances and poor prison conditions remain prevalent. 
  • DK v Belgium - 9 August 2018: Article 8 of ECHR was raised to prevent extradition. It was argued DK’s extradition would have a detrimental impact on his partner who is wheelchair bound and the separation from his 4 year old son would have amounted to a violation of his Article 8 rights. Appeal allowed. 
  • Borbitey v United Arab Emirate – 6 June 2017. Extradition sought to serve a sentence for an offence alleged to be akin to a fraud. Article 3 prison conditions, Article 5 Right to liberty and Article 6 right to fair trial were raised. Extradition request discharged. 
  • Slovakia v Makunova- 2 June 2017: Article 8 Right to family and private life was raised and the judge held that there would be a disproportionate interference with M’s Article 8 rights and even more so the Article 8 rights of her children should extradition be ordered. Extradition Order discharged 
  • N v Poland- 02/11/16: Article 8 raised. N has four children. Social services were of the view that N’s eldest son, who was 18 years old, could be the primary care giver for his younger siblings. N was the primary care giver of her children and the Court held that in the event was extradited to Poland, N’s Article 8 rights would be breached. Appeal allowed. 

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