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Ebru Vurdu is one of the current Trainee Solicitors, who has just commenced her training contract. Ebru began her employment with this firm having initially worked as a Legal Assistant to Ms. Nora Talbi, one of our Associate Solicitors at the Firm. Ebru’s commitment and hard work led to an offer of a training contract.

Having joined EBR Attridges’ renowned team of expert criminal defence lawyers in 2013, Ebru has been responsible for assisting in the day to day office work and caseload under the supervision of Ms Talbi at our Tottenham office. Ebru is continuing her development on how to defend clients facing any one of a broad spectrum of criminal charges brought before the Courts each year. This being either by law enforcement agencies such as the Metropolitan Police, HM Revenue and Customs, UKBA, National Crime Agency and CPS’ various departments.

Ebru works alongside Ms. Talbi defending those charged with serious and organised crime and clients facing extradition proceedings.

Ebru is currently undertaking her police station accreditation in order to qualify as a Criminal Duty Solicitor, in order that she can become a member of the Criminal Litigation Scheme, and be able to provide appropriate legal advice to individuals who have been arrested for allegedly committing any type of criminal offence as well as providing free legal advice 24 hours a day to clients held for questioning at any police station


Contact Ebru Vurdu

Ebru can be contacted on 0208 808 0774 or via e-mail ebruvurdu@ebrattridge.com  to discuss how she together with her team members at EBR Attridge LLP may be of service