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Harry Charalambous has over 20 years experience specialising in Criminal Law. He has developed a considerable reputation in North London and represents clients charged with the full array of criminal matters ranging from Murder, Sexual Offences to Public Disorder, specialising in large scale complex serious crime. He is a duty solicitor and an accomplished court advocate. Harry provides a very personal service to all his clients and is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for clients, based on his attention to detail and meticulous approach in his preparation of cases in dealing with difficult cases. He is very reliable and works very hard on every case to achieve confidence from clients and great outcomes.

Harry has a charming and approachable manner that immediately puts his clients at ease and is highly regarded for his sensitive approach to cases involving vulnerable clients. He has the ability to deal with complex issues and has excellent judgement. He has a tremendous commitment and dedication to his clients’ cases due to his robust work ethic and unwavering determination to succeed. Harry takes a hands on approach and is fearless when he deals with the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Harry is well respected amongst his colleagues and his peers in the legal community.

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Harry can be contacted on 07930 397 282, 0208 808 0774 or via e-mail harrycharalambous@ebrattridge.com to discuss how he together with his team members at EBR Attridge LLP may be of service.


R v A and others (2016) Southampton Crown Court. Currently dealing with one of the biggest sham marriage cases in the UK. The case involves over 100,000 pages of evidence.

R v AM (2016) Murder case with mentally unfit client.

R v J and others (2015) Winchester Crown Court. Successfully secured the acquittal of a defendant charged with a multi-handed Kidnap and False Imprisonment. The case involved a criminal gang who kidnapped a man and held him hostage for a week.

R v BA (2015) Importation of Cannabis case involving one tonne from Ghana.

R v AA (2014) Affray case at a West End nightclub.

R v J and others (2013) Winchester Crown Court. Successfully secured the acquittal of a defendant charged with a multi-handed Kidnap and False Imprisonment. The case involved a criminal gang who kidnapped a man and held him hostage for a week.

R v K and another (2013) Southwark Crown Court. Represented the main defendant who faced conspiracy charges of international complex fraud worth over 4 million euros. Currently dealing with the substantial Confiscation Proceedings.

R v JM (2013) GBH case involving random attacks in a park

R v S [2012] Represented one of the main suspects in one of the biggest police investigations in British legal history regarding the News of The World ‘phone hacking’ scandal at the police station and at the Leveson Inquiry which subsequently was no further actioned.

R v CY (2012) Rape case involving a husband and wife

R v JN (2011) Possession of Indecent Images. 

R v AT (2010) Cruelty to a Child case involving a father and his children.

R v HH (2009) Sexual Assault case involving a driving instructor.

R v JK (2008) Theft case of over £100,0000 of chemicals.

R v PA (2007) Fraud by Abuse of Trust case involving a manager of a care house with vulnerable victims.

R v RB (2006) Armed Robbery case of a jewellers in a busy shopping centre



“I have achieved the best results ever through EBR Attridge Solicitors and Harry Charalambous helped me all the time during every step of my case. I have tried different firms and I have to say none of them gave me the service I got at EBR Attridge Solicitors . They are very good at following up and going through every single detail”

Amir Zarrabi


“Harry Charalambous is always a pleasure to be instructed by. His cases are well prepared and the clients appreciate how much effort he puts in on their behalf”

Michael Wood QC


“Mr Charalambous provided an excellent service throughout my case. I was pleased with his hands on approach to my situation. He kept me up to date throughout and was very informative, understanding my needs at all times. Mr Charalambous dealt with my case efficiently leading to a successful outcome.

I would highly recommend his services as I was very pleased with his constant professionalism considering that they are a busy firm in high demand”

Anees Jafri


“His experience of dealing with the most challenging of cases inspires immediate confidence. Committed to every client’s case, he combines a relentless work rate with excellent judgement”

Scott Ivill, Barrister 2 Hare Court


“Harry Charalambous is an experienced knowledgeable and committed solicitor. He presents as friendly and approachable and engages extremely well with his clients. His advice is reassuring without being unrealistic. His case preparation is thorough and shows both a keen eye for detail and a determination to explore every possible angle”

David Barnes, Barrister 3 Temple Gardens

“Harry Charalambous is a great solicitor with exceptional legal knowledge. I found Harry to be very thorough in his work and he covered all the bases in my case. I found Harry to be very supportive, understanding and generous with his time. He communicated well throughout my case and was always easy to contact which was of great help to me. I received an excellent level of service and the best outcome. A big thank you Harry for all your help and assistance.”

Sharon Dibosa


“I am still in a state of disbelief at the verdict, although I always believed in his (capability?) this would not have happened without the amount of work you put into this and your incredible patience. From our first contact with you in dealing with all of our questions and communications.

The amount of time you gave us and making yourself available to us is very much appreciated. One of your key contributions was to secure the services of David Barnes. He kept us all on an even keel and his summing up for the defence was masterly. We did thank him at court but please let him know again that we are very appreciative of the extra time he also gave on our behalf.

I suppose it has restored my faith in the justice system although the police did not emerge with flying colours. More particularly it has made me much more appreciative of the legal profession. Thank you so much again. This must rank as one of your greatest achievements.”

Alan Harvey

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