James Beynon Accredited Police Station Advisor

Office location


261 Lavender Hill, SW11 1JD

Tel: 020 7228 7050


James Beynon has always specialised in criminal defence work and has a great deal of experience of police station work. James attends the police station on a daily basis. He also attends prison establishments where necessary; DWP Fraud Department; Child Abuse Investigation Team; DVLA Fraud Department, Mental Health Hospital for interviews conducting cases of all levels of seriousness, ranging from murder, fraud, kidnap and other offences i.e. theft, sexual abuse and drug related offences.

His role as legal advisor is demanding and requires a number of skills and abilities including a high level of expertise in this specific area of law and the ability to absorb and analyse large volumes of complex information, quickly making sound judgements and being entirely decisive in doing so.

All cases require an ability to think clearly and, under pressure, maintaining composure and accuracy. James is able to deal with people from all walks of life.