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55A Southchurch Rd, Southend-on-Sea, SS1 2NL

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As an accredited Criminal Duty Solicitor, Natalie is a member of the Criminal Litigation Scheme and therefore is able to provide legal advice to individuals who have been arrested for allegedly committing any type of criminal offence. Natalie provides free legal advice 24 hours a day to clients held for questioning at any police station in and around central London, Greater London Boroughs as well as in Essex, Herefordshire and Middlesex.

Natalie defends clients facing a broad spectrum of criminal charges brought before the Courts each year by law enforcement agencies such as Essex Police, the DWP, HMRC & UKBA. Furthermore she has been involved in criminal cases ranging from minor traffic offences up to and including murder.

Natalie is dedicated and tenacious and always aims to achieve the best results for all her clients. She is known for her timely and detailed case preparation, as well as attention to detail which regularly wins her praise with clients.

Described as a determined, committed and persuasive advocate she has experience in a wide range of criminal matters before the Youth Court and Magistrates Courts. She demonstrates empathy, patience and sensitivity and is a person who is always on hand to assist her clients, whenever required.

Natalie is a keen netball player, and is captain of her team in the Chelmsford and Braintree District Netball League.

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Natalie can be contacted on 01702 415 860 or via e-mail to discuss how she together with other team members at EBR Attridge LLP may be of service.

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Academic achievements:

Pg DIP LPC Law, LLB (Hons) Law

Notable cases:

  • R v C [2016] Basildon Crown Court – The Defendant is alleged to have caused the death of another by careless driving. The issue in the case is whether the driving was ‘careless’ and expert evidence in relation to causation will be submitted to the Court for Trial. Case ongoing.
  • R v Y [2016] Basildon Crown Court - multi-handed violent disorder case, the Defendant is one of 12 charged with conspiracy to commit violent disorder following a clash between rival football supporters from Southend United and Cambridge United resulting in the victim receiving life-changing injuries. Trial is scheduled to take place in June 2017 and is listed for 6 weeks. Case ongoing.
  • R v Y [2016] Snaresbrook Crown Court - case involving dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice. Allegation that the Defendant falsely reported that his car had been car-jacked. Case ongoing.
  • R v W [2016] Basildon Crown Court - case involving allegations of rape of an underage girl over a two year period. Successfully secured an acquittal of the substantive charges after mobile phone downloaded material was submitted to the Court.
  • R v S [2016] Southend Crown Court - The Defendant stabbed another resident in a multi-occupancy premises during an argument that causing life-changing injuries to the victim. Successfully persuaded the sentencing Judge that the Defendant did not satisfy the ‘dangerousness provisions’.
  • R v F [2016] Basildon Crown Court - case involving Robbery of a vehicle and witness intimidation after the Defendant was found calling the complainants from a telephone in his cell. Successfully acquitted of both Counts of witness intimidation following a Trial at Basildon Crown Court.
  • R v P [2016] Basildon Crown Court - case involving arson at the Defendants partners address, the defence obtained two expert psychiatric reports to assist the Defendant in receiving a Hospital Order for treatment rather than a custodial sentence.
  • R v M. [2015] Basildon Crown Court - HMRC Fraud of £200,000 involving an Accountant in breach of trust. Expert evidence obtained to assist the Defence. Defendant received a community based sentence rather than custody on the basis of Defence mitigation documentation submitted to the Court.
  • R v V [2015] Birmingham Crown Court - Multi-handed conspiracy to import class A drugs from Pakistan into Birmingham and investigated by the UKBA, and West Midlands police. This case involved 6 Defendants alleged to have imported a number of kilo’s Class A drugs into the UK concealed in boxes of clothing. The case involved undercover surveillance operations, cell site analysis, mobile phone downloaded data and forensic evidence. The Trial lasted 8 weeks.
  • R v W. [2015] Southend Crown Court - Historical rape and sexual assault on a family member.
  • R v S. [2015] Basildon Crown Court - Benefit fraud of £35,000 whereby the Defence submitted expert evidence of dementia to the Court which resulted in the Crown offering no evidence and the client being acquitted on an 11 Count Indictment.
  • R v A. [2015] Basildon Crown Court - Proceeds of Crime case within which the Defence successfully obtained a judgement for a £2,000 cash seizure by the Crown. The original application sought was for a £20,000 cash seizure.
  • R v W. [2014] Basildon Crown Court - Assault - expert psychological evidence/intermediaries to assist defendant who was severely learning disabled.
  • R v E [2013] Basildon Crown Court - S.18 GBH – acquittal secured.
  • R v L,O,W (and others) [2013] Basildon Crown Court - Represented three defendants in a multi-handed drugs conspiracy/importation in the Romford and Lakeside area.
  • R v R & K [2013] Represented parents in a case of child cruelty, and neglect, assisted with DBS/Midwifery Council to retain employment.
  • R v E [2013]. Common Assault. Acquittal. Legal arguments advanced in relation to Hearsay, Bad character, and Abuse of Process.
  • R v P [2013] Burglary - successful application to dismiss.
  • R v L (and C) [2012] Rape/Sexual Assault.
  • R v R [2012] Importation of class A drugs – UK Border Agency.
  • R v E [2012] Sexual assault/Rape – Court found no case to answer.
  • R v B (and others) [2012]. Secured the only acquittal of a Defendant in a multi handed drugs conspiracy.
  • R v K [2012]. Youth defendant involving a sexual offence against a sibling
  • R v L [2011] Robbery of £35,000
  • R v S [2011] Armed robbery – “flying squad”
  • R v S [2010] False imprisonment and possession of an imitation firearm.
  • R v R [2011] Arson recklessly endangering life.
  • R v W [2009] “Baby shaking” case acquittal secured with the use of expert evidence on causation of injuries.
  • R v L [2009] Rape.
  • R v P [2009] Youth defendant involving armed robberies at jewellers in Essex and London.
  • R v H [2009] Murder – stabbing on Southend seafront.
  • R v S [2008] Murder – murder in Braintree - successful defence of provocation advanced during the Trial which resulted in a verdict of Manslaughter.

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