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Sophie joined EBR Attridge LLP in August 2018, having previously been director of a specialist firm in East London for six years. Prior to her relocation to London in 2011, she trained and practised at a Legal 500 firm in Sussex, specialising in all areas of serious and complex crime. With over 14 years experience defending clients facing allegations of murder, fraud, drug and serious sexual offences; she takes a very hands on approach to cases and appears regularly in Magistrates Courts and police stations across London and nationwide. Client care is a number one priority and as such it is customary for Sophie to give personal attention throughout the duration of her cases. When matters progress to the Crown Court, she actively works alongside some of the country’s leading barristers and Queen’s Counsel. Sophie has curated a group of barristers she works with and always instructs the right barrister for the case in hand

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Sophie Williams can be contacted on 020 8961 5146, or via email to discuss how she together with other team members at EBR Attridge LLP may be of service


R v L - Multimillion pound cocaine importation conspiracy at Portsmouth Crown Court involving Royal Naval ship that patrolled drug smuggling routes.


R v P - Multi-million pound cocaine conspiracy at Portsmouth Crown Court. In excess of 20 defendants and represented the only defendant that was acquitted. 


R v A - three hander murder at the Old Bailey. Represented only defendant who was acquitted. Queen’s Counsel highly credited Sophie’s advice given at the Police Station to actually answer all questions which is very rare in murder investigations. This is a great example as to why everyone always needs a lawyer at ALL stages of a criminal case.


R v S - attempt murder at the Old Bailey. Client accepted he had stabbed the complainant in the heart Sophie instructed the top non-accidental injuries expert in the UK. Client acquitted of both attempt murder and alternative count of s18 GBH. 


R v A - historic multi-complainant sexual offences including several counts of rape at Snaresbrook Crown Court. Client acquitted. 



I have known Sophie Williams as a solicitor for many years now.

Her trajectory and progress has been incredibly interesting to observe. Always dedicated and always able, experience has made her an even better solicitor. The client is put first but never at the expense of sound advice or common sense. Well prepared, personable and always professional.

As counsel instructed by her I can say she is a joy to work with for the same reasons. Never scared to seek advice or offer an opinion, case preparation with and for Sophie is collaborative and invariably productive.

This leads to proper case preparation and good results.

 Peter Marshall

4 Breams Buildings


“I have worked closely with Sophie for over 15 years, dealing with the full spectrum of criminal cases. Her attention to detail, in cases from burglary to murder, is second to none. As a litigator, she is meticulous and never less than thorough. Her client care and rapport is unparalleled. She is conscientious, extremely able, and consistently demonstrates sound strategic judgement. Sophie is outstanding at liaison with, and selecting, counsel. A very fine litigator whose ability is rightly acknowledged in all the primary criminal Magistrates Courts. I would not hesitate to recommend her,”

Michael Edmonds


4 Breams Buildings


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