Jan 4, 2017

Slavery and Human Trafficking

R v J [2012] Wood Green Crown Court - The defendant along with 4 others were part of a joint operation by cross border agencies and the complex crime team in respect of people smuggling, prostitution and slavery. This involved the disclosure of large amounts of paperwork from multi agencies as well as surveillance material and photographs. New techniques by prosecution were utilised in dealing with victims of the alleged slave trade as well as the degree of prostitution and the levels of depravity the groups would go to secure finances for their own purposes. As one of the most important cases of slavery in the previous 12 months and regularly reported on by national newspapers, the evening standard and Sky news it became a focus for investigatory teams from the aforementioned agencies as well as development of defence cross examination techniques of victims in these type of cases. The case involved no less than 10 counsel, 4 of which were Queens Counsel as well as joint police intelligence agencies and officers from numerous European countries.

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