General Crime

New Anti-Terrorism Powers

 18th Feb 2019  News

New Anti-Terrorism Powers   The Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019 has completed its parliamentary journey and will, in the main, come in to effect over the next few months.   The Home Secretary... Read more

'You cant make me leave' -CPNs and enforcement

 28th Jan 2019  News

Community Protection Notices   Community Protection Notices (CPNs) are currently attracting a lot of attention from the legal community, and we have many concerns concerning the way in which they are presently bei... Read more

A Simple Adjournment?

 2nd Jan 2019  News

A Simple Adjournment?   In criminal practice and procedure, you might think that the humble adjournment is a relatively simple and straightforward matter, but you would be wrong.   A little like buses, neve... Read more