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Having joined the renowned team of expert criminal defence lawyers at EBR Attridge LLP in 2004, Gerry McDonald, partner of the firm, is responsible for the efficient management of his London practice as well as the East Ham offices that services the firms East London and Essex based clients. Gerry defends clients nationally facing any one of a broad spectrum of criminal charges brought before the Courts each year by law enforcement agencies such as the Metropolitan Police, Financial Conduct Authority, HM Revenue and Customs, UKBA, National Crime Agency and the Police Central e-Crimes Unit as well as Military Tribunals.

Additionally, Gerry specialises in advising EBR Attridge LLP’s clients currently under active criminal investigation as well as those having been charged with committing an offence(s) relating to historic abuse allegations and further information can be found at

As an accredited Criminal Duty Solicitor, Gerry McDonald is a member of the Criminal Litigation Scheme and therefore able to provide consummate legal advice to individuals who have been arrested for allegedly committing any type of criminal offence. Gerry provides free legal advice 24 hours a day to clients held for questioning at any police station in and around central London and boroughs within the Greater London area as well as at police stations in Middlesex, Herts and Essex.

A highly accomplished criminal defence lawyer, based in both City and his East London offices, he has substantial experience in cases which demand high client service, discretion and often attract national media attention 


Contact Gerry McDonald

Gerry can be contacted on 07779239708, 0208 552 1738 or via e-mail to discuss how he together with his team members at EBR Attridge LLP may be of service.

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R v ATS(2023) Money Laundering(Circa 10 million)

R v AF (2023) Attempted Murder

R v DNB(2023) Conspiracy to Defraud(60 Million)

R v LDD(2023) Conspiracy to Murder

R v DNB(2022) Conspiracy to Defraud(60 Million)

R v BB(2022) Conspiracy to Murder

R v DN(2022) Conspiracy to Cheat

R v DNL(2022) Money laundering (Bounce Back loans)

R v MST(2021) Conspiracy to Defraud

R v AAB(2021) Conspiracy to Supply Class A(County Lines)

R v RBB(2021) Firearms/Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice

R V SJ(2021) Money laundering and Criminal Proceeds

R v ZKA(2021) Money Laundering

R v MKH(2021) Conspiracy to supply Class A

R v YAA(2021) Conspiracy to supply-County lines case(s)

R v AC(2021) Conspiracy to Defraud

R v MS (2020) Conspiracy to Defraud/Money Laundering

R v OD(2020) Conspiracy to Supply Class A/Class B

R v AF(2020) Conspiracy to Defraud/Rob

R v DS(2020) Conspiracy to Supply(ENCRO Case)

R v RGB(2020) Conspiracy to Defraud-Circa £8 million

R v AC(2020) Conspiracy to Defraud/Steal-Circa £5 million

R v AM (2020) Conspiracy to Defraud/Money Laundering

R v PB(2020) Conspiracy to import Firearms/Money Laundering

R v CC (2020) Conspiracy to Steal

R v YG (2020) Conspiracy to import Firearms

R v NW (2020) Conspiracy to Defraud

R V SF (2019)  UK British Film Director prosecuted under the #MeToo banner- Acquitted

R v YA (2019) Modern Slavery and County Lines conspiracy

R v AH (2019) Conspiracy to Steal

R v DH (2019) Conspiracy to supply Firearms

R V NJ (2019) Conspiracy to supply Class A-County lines OCG

R v AH (2019) Attempted Murder

R v DS and Ors (2019) Conspiracy to Supply Class A

R V MG (2018) Murder

R v HH (2018) Conspiracy to Defraud

R v AL (2018) Conspiracy to supply Class A and Class B

R v FY (2018) Money Laundering

R v DB (2018) Conspiracy to Money Launder

R v KP (2017) Conspiracy to Supply Class A

R v PF (2017) Attempted Murder

R v AM (2017) SFO prosecution

R v SD (2017) Conspiracy to import Class B

R v JO (2017) Historic Sexual Offences

(2017) Otkritie v U and Others. Advised the lead defendant in commercial 'Contempt of Court'‚Äč proceedings. Case dismissed

R v YB (2016/17) Fraud (Circa 150 million) Successful acquittal on all charges at Southwark CC

R v RT (2017) Conspiracy to convert criminal property

R v SD (2017) Conspiracy to Import Class A and B

R v JS and Ors (2017) Attempted Murder

R v JH (2017) Conspiracy to supply Class A (Cocaine) 

R v PC (2016) Conspiracy to Rape

R V C (2015) Conspiracy to Rob

R v S (2015) DWP Fraud (Circa 13 million)

R V J (2015) Fraud (Circa 6 mill)

R v JM (2015) Conspiracy to Defraud-Ebola charity fraud involving international forces and cross agency cooperation with UKBA/HMRC

R v DB (2015) Conspiracy to Handle Stolen Goods

R v C (2015) Conspiracy to Rob

R v M (2015) Conspiracy to Steal

R v D (2015) Attempted Murder

R v T (2015) Conspiracy to Rob

R v G (2014)  Conspiracy to supply Class A and B involving multiple defendants and a seizure of over £8 million of drugs prepared for distribution

R v D [2014]  Conspiracy to defraud-‘Rogue Traders’ case with estimated loss of over £2 million.

R v S (2014)  Conspiracy to Defraud (Boiler House)

R v J (2013) Conspiracy to traffic: International dimension involving trafficking to and from UK with high volume. Operation taking 3 years to come to prosecution with various EU assistance and cross forces cooperation.

R v S [2013] Conspiracy to import/supply Class A , 50 kg, and subsequent acquittal following successful pii arguements

R v M (2013) Conspiracy to Steal: Multi national/Cross border case involving vehicle dismantling (Circa 10 million)

R v H (2013) Conspiracy to Murder

R v F (2012) Conspiracy to Rob (Flying Squad)

R v B (2012) Conspiracy to Defraud(Eurostar)

R v R (2012) Conspiracy to facilitate illegal entry. "People smuggling" case involving various international agencies Soco/Interpol

R v G (2012) Conspiracy to Defraud (Land banking fraud)

R v H (2012) Conspiracy to Murder

R v C [2012] Conspiracy to Defraud (Circa 40 million Mortgage fraud)

R v P [2012] COA stated case concerning "out of time indictment", retrial and prosecution failures following successful appeal on SOA matters

R v N [2011] Conspiracy to Defraud

R v F [2011] Conspiracy to Rob

R v S [2011] Murder/Manslaughter

R v D [2010] Conspiracy to defraud HMRC

R v S [2010] 'Whistle-blower' involving controversial expense claims

R v H [2009] Multi million pound HMRC fraud

R v C [2009] Honour killing involving various international elements

R v M [2008] Largest single importation of cannabis within the Metropolitan police jurisdiction and subsequent acquittal of all defendants

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R v S and Others [2013] Wood Green Crown Court - The defendant along with 6 others was arrested, charged and faced trial for their part in a large scale operation conducted by the Serious Crime Directorate. Following years of investigation in respect of one lead defendant and months of investigation involving the remaining ‘top tier... Read more

Sexual Offences

 Jan 2017

R v AK [2013] Snaresbrook Crown Court - The defendant was charged with offences stemming under the umbrella of ‘Operation Yewtree’. Following transfer of his legal representation at the police station he was represented by instructing solicitor and Counsel Ms Sarah Forshaw QC. Throughout the trial preparation and process it be... Read more

GBH with Intent

 Jan 2017

R v B [2013] Snaresbrook Crown Court - The defendant was charged with ‘GBH with intent’ following a particularly gruesome attack by family members on him. Following a lengthy period in hospital and upon release he was charged with the attack on his nearest family contact and maintained that the allegation was spurred on not by... Read more


Gerry McDonald and Sanah (Assistant) have been incredible solicitors from EBR Attridge, they supported me utterly the entire way through the process and today with the help of the incredible barrister Laura! They were instrumental in achieving today's double not guilty's and I heartily reccomend them to everybody!

"Only mistake you can make is not calling him right now" (Mr D) 

"Gerry's the guy for the job - he does seem to get the right results more often than many other sols" (RF) 

I used Gerry McDonald and Nerida Harford Bell and they are London based.I cannot recommend them highly enough.They care and really understand these cases. (Mr S) 

I highly recommend Gerry McDonald at EBR Solicitors. Having a false allegation made against you is horrendous and nothing in life can prepare you the horror it brings. Gerry was very understanding and advised me through the weeks leading up to my NFA (LFH) 

We sought out Gerry Mcdonald from EBR Attridge after reading the glowing reviews on this forum. After three adjournments, with the superb help from Gerry and his barrister Orla Daly, we had a unanimous 'not guilty' on both counts. If anyone is ever unfortunate enough to find themselves in a similar situation, do not hesitate to contact Gerry, he is fantastic. Had it not of been for his and Orla's hardwork and dedication to our case, I'm not sure we would be where we are today and for that I am truly grateful! (Mr M) 

Had it not been for Gerry and Nerida who took this case over in the last few weeks from a very mediocre first solicitor, who knows what the jury would have made of it.(Mrs WG) 

Thanks to Gerry Macdonald and his team including the most excellent barrister Orla Daly. We can never thank them enough.(Mrs W)  

I cannot thank them enough for the work and dedication and the time they made for me, taking the time to talk to me whenever I wanted and for helping me in getting the result I deserved and getting my life back on track. For the people who are unfortunate enough to end up in a similar situation, Gerry and his team are the first people you should ring, you will not be disappointed!(Mr BW) 

the first chinks of light in a very dark place; as time went on those chinks of light spread. Thank-you Gerry, Sanah and Orla, you are all fantatstic (Ms JB)  

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Pre-recorded Evidence in Sexual Offence Cases

 15th Jan 2024

Pre-recorded Evidence in Sexual Offence Cases   Newly published research suggests that pre-recorded evidence in chief and cross-examination, often referred to as "section 28 evidence", may be more advantageous to... Read more

Detention of seized cash

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