Cyber Crime

You may have seen in the media that the number of people facing cyber crime offences is increasing rapidly. More and more people are being accused of cyber crime due to the advances in internet technology and the ability to manipulate it leading to an increase of internet frauds.

Cyber crime is a generic  term used to describe online fraud, internet fraud, email fraud, copyright and trade description, ‘bootlegging’, ‘hacking’ and ‘tripping’.

Cyber crime is comparatively new and continually developing field. Investigations with an online or digital element are invariably technically challenging and complex. Many cases have an international element and investigations in the UK are often only one part of a coordinated action by law enforcement bodies across the world, and particularly the NFIB and the FBI as well as individual units such as Operation Falcon. These issues, together with the vast volume of data that is regularly seized during a computer based investigation, pose real challenges to law enforcement agencies and to persons drawn into it.

At EBR Attridge we have a specialist team of solicitors dealing in Cyber Crime who have represented and continue to act in some of the most complex and high profile criminal prosecutions brought in relation to computer misuse and cyber crime.

If you are being investigated or prosecuted, please make an appointment to see a specialist Cybercrime Solicitor who can attend upon you by telephone, face-to-face or online.

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