General Crime

Stalking and Stalking Protection Orders

 8th Jun 2021  News

Stalking and Stalking Protection Orders   A former premier league footballer, Shayne Bradley, pleaded guilty to stalking a former girlfriend.   It was said he followed her, watched her house, sent mails and... Read more

Assault sentencing guidelines

 8th Jun 2021  News

Assault sentencing guidelines   The existing assault guidelines came into effect in January 2012; at the same time, the attempt murder guideline was revised.    Following an "extensive and complex proj... Read more

GPS Tags

 19th Mar 2021  News

GPS tags   The government has announced what it has called a "world-first scheme" to track certain offenders as they are released from prison.   The proposal will make those convicted of burglary, theft or... Read more


 11th Feb 2021  News

Encrochat   A vast number of cases are awaiting a criminal trial that will rely, to a greater or lesser extent, on the admissibility of communications made via the supposedly highly encrypted Encrochat service. &... Read more

Sentencing for Drugs Offences

 28th Jan 2021  News

Sentencing for Drugs Offences   New sentencing guidelines for some drugs offences will come in to force on 1 April 2021 and will apply to all cases sentenced on or after that date.   The update is to reflec... Read more

Custody Time Limits & Young Defendants

 15th Jan 2021  News

Custody Time Limits & Young Defendants   In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the government introduced changes to the custody time limit regulations that extended the custody time limits in the Crown Cour... Read more