Digital Piracy & Copyright

Piracy includes the illegal downloading, duplication, distribution and sale of copyrighted material, such as software, films and music.

As the internet has become more regulated, there has been an increase in the investigations by public bodies. These can be difficult to manage, as they can be complex with a vast amount of evidence to consider.

There are various forms of piracy, and you can be faced with allegations over whether you’ve downloaded or distributed content illegally. This includes ‘Online Piracy’, ‘Softlifting’, ‘Overuse’, ‘Counterfeiting and ‘Hard-disk loading’.

There are various forms of work that are protected by copyright laws such as Music, Films and Websites. An infringement on any of the following can result in prosecution.  If Digital Piracy or Copyright allegations are made against you, a consequence of this can be the seizure of your electrical items by authorities and in some cases, there may be circumstances that prove you have not infringed the copyrighted work that the complainant may not be aware off.  This is why it is fundamental that you seek legal advice as soon as an accusation has been made.  Furthermore, EBR Attridge LLP will ensure the prosecuting body discharges its burden of proof to identify that it was actually you using the accused media platform and IP address that facilitated the alleged offence.

EBR Attridge LLP have a wealth of experience in dealing with the prosecuting bodies in this field such as such as the National HiTech Crime Unit, the Office of Fair Trading, London’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT).

We also regularly deal with the Financial Service Authority (FSA) the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

At EBR Attridge we have a specialist team of solicitors dealing in digital Piracy and Copyright law who have represented and continue to act in some of the most complex and high profile criminal prosecutions brought in relation to computer misuse and Cyber Crime.

If you are being investigated or prosecuted, please make an appointment to see a specialist Cybercrime Solicitor who can attend upon you by telephone, face-to-face or online.

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