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Warren  is joint Managing Partner & equal Member of EBR Attridge LLP. As an expert criminal defence lawyer in his own right,Warren was admitted to the Roll of Solicitors of England & Wales in 1999.He is described by one the legal industries top ratings guide,Super Lawyers 2013 (http://www.superlawyers.com/ ) as one of the countries‘ Rising Star Lawyers’ in relation to defencing clients charged with fraud related offences.The Legal 500 recognises Warrens' expertise also. Referring to one of many extraordinarily tough cases that has resulted in victory for his client, “Warren Brazier successfully defended the only prosecution in British criminal history for manslaughter arising from an incorrect blood transfusion.” Warren specialises in criminal defence,particularly Corporate Crime and Serious Fraud cases In particular Warren Brazier is best known for successfully defending clients prosecuted by the National Crimes Agency (NCA), formally known as the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). He is also widely regarded as a POCA expert in relation to protecting the assets of clients in confiscation proceedings.

Warren’s current caseload includes the defence of confiscation proceedings brought against a client of the firm in the amount of £200 million. In addition to running a full case load and efficiently managing one of the largest & most successful criminal defence law firms in the country jointly with fellow member & SuperLawyers 2013 ‘Rising Star’,Vince Reveglia, Warren Brazier holds responsibility for the firms’strict compliance policies in accordance with the solicitor’s regulation authority (SRA).Warren is an inspirational and charismatic leader,believing in leadership from the front. His attention to detail is second to none and he drives EBR Attridge LLP forward with energy and enthusiasm,forever challenging the teams already high levels of achievement further,using his own courtroom accomplishments and those of fellow member Vince Reveglia as benchmarks by which to aspire. Warren Brazier works unbelievably hard for his clients,tirelessly researching the best possible legal defence as well as drawing on his considerable track record,experience and wealth of knowledge gained over a highly successful legal career. His persuasive and charismatic personality deliver incredible results for the firm’s clients,many of whom Warren has defended on multiple occasions.

Warren is an experienced Court Advocate who obtained Higher Rights of Audience in 2004 enabling him to represent clients in all Criminal Courts in England and Wales and at all stages of criminal prosecution.

In April 2014,Warren completed his first Virgin Money London Marathon which he ran to raise funds for registered charity,the Anaphylaxis Campaign. In his spare time, Warren is an avid fan of Queens Park Rangers football club,as well as following the Minnesota Vikings NFL team.


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Warren Brazier can be contacted on 0207 231 5166 or via email warrenbrazier@ebrattridge.com to discuss how he together with other team members at EBR Attridge LLP may be of service.


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