Online Grooming & Child Pornography

Working with experienced solicitors and barristers with a proven track record of acquittals EBR Attridge are in the best position to defend you in any allegation of Online Grooming or Child Pornography.

From a wealth of experience we understand that the impact of the allegations is often devastating and humiliating, requiring damage limitation preparation, which we can provide.

The accessibility of indecent images online has drawn the attention of law enforcement agencies, resulting in difficult and extensive criminal investigations by both the National Crime Agency (NCA) and police forces across the UK. Recently, the use of secret software during Operation Notarise, that tracks peer-to-peer sharing of illegal images, resulted in the identification of over 25,000 individuals suspected of accessing child abuse images online, 660 of whom were arrested.

The difficulties of investigating and identifying those suspected of accessing child abuse images has resulted in the NCA examining new techniques for gathering and sharing intelligence, particularly following reported failings of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP) to share information on suspects with the police. Yet the scale of alleged offending means not all suspects are investigated, with attention being focused on those in positions of trust, such as doctors and teachers.

The priority that is being given to investigating those in positions of trust, such as health care professionals, social workers and police officers, can have particularly damaging consequences. As well as facing criminal proceedings, they may also face fitness to practise investigations that may result in suspension and loss of livelihood.

Our Cybercrime Solicitors have expertise in the preparation of cases involving the viewing, downloading, possessing, copying, sharing and distributing of Child Pornographic material.

Other more serious offences of Child Pornography are the Grooming and then exploitation of children for personal gratification. In these cases, the abuse is often recorded to produce and share child pornography images and videos with others holding comparable interests.

Sexual Grooming occurs when an adult uses the internet as a way to reach out and develop emotional and sexual relationships with children under 16 years. Most often the communication encourages a meeting where further and more serious sexual offences can occur.

EBR Attridge LLP have frequently acted in very high-profile Child Grooming and Pornography cases. We have represented those accused of historical offences, those in educational positions and those holding large databanks of material.

We do not publicise any Child Pornography Offence cases or online grooming on our website owing to their very sensitive nature. We can safely say that we are the specialist Solicitors you would want on your side if you are being investigated or prosecuted.

We have very close relationships with specialist Barristers and QCs who defend and prosecute Online Grooming and Child Pornography cases on a regular basis. Expertise and specialism are fundamental, as the law has developed and witnesses or victims must be approached with a particular skill.

If you are being investigated or prosecuted, please make an appointment to see a Cybercrime Solicitor who can attend upon you by telephone, face-to-face or online.

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