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Krystle has worked at this practice for the last 5 years, having moved from the Prosecution to Criminal Defence Practice. She has experience in senior Customs Prosecutions and large fraud cases.

Krystle mainly work with the Partner Steve Law on their own client cases and they now form their own team.

Krystle has extensive experience in police stations, having advised in all types of cases. Their work involves the full range of criminal matters, although they pride their selves in providing a dedicated service regardless.

Due to her experience in working for both the Prosecution and Defence, Krystle has a wide range of contacts which has proven most useful.

Contact Krystle O’Donnell

Krystle ODonnell can be contacted on 020 842 8600/ 07802618860 or via email to discuss how she together with Steve Law at EBR Attridge LLP may be of service.


R v W (ongoing) - dealing with a Pentonville Escapee, subject of recent media attention.

R v G – secured recent acquittal in a case involving possession of a machine gun.

R v Q and others – acted for one of the main defendants in a multiple rape allegation case which included Judicial Review Proceedings against the trial Court. The case was ultimately discontinued.

Environment Agency v T - secured acquittal of defendant in large scale waste dumping case.I have direct knowledge and experience in cases brought by the Environment Agency.

R v B - 'witchcraft' murder case, widely reported.

R v C - complex confiscation proceedings that involved property law, family law and an eventual determination in the defendant's favour.

Czech Republic v M - this matter lasted a number of years, involved extending the permitted time for appeal and obtaining an injunction to prevent the defendant being taken.

R v G and others - The case was one of the first alleged ‘joint enterprise’ killings to be tried since the Supreme Court ruling in R v Jogee [2016] UKSC 8, with that case proving of central importance to achieving the result.