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Firearms allegations are serious and, if you are being investigated or prosecuted for an offence under the Firearms Acts, you will need an expert lawyer in the field to advise you on what is a highly complex, and often misunderstood, area of the law. The legislation and case law is highly technical. We will be able to assist you on matters that may arise including:

  • What constitutes a lethal weapon
  • What constitutes “possession” of an illegal firearm or ammunition
  • Whether a particular offence extends to imitation firearms
  • Whether electronic stun guns, converted weapons, deactivated weapons and air weapons are included in the definition of an offence
  • When certificates are required for firearms or ammunition
  • Which offences attract minimum mandatory custodial sentences
  •  How best to argue that the court should not impose a mandatory minimum custodial sentence for reasons which constitute “exceptional circumstances”.

We have many years’ experience of dealing with such cases and access to the highest qualified experts in the field.  We can instruct the best and most experienced counsel to represent our clients in the courts in order to achieve to achieve the best possible outcome.

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