Drug Offences

Working with experienced solicitors and barristers with a proven track record of acquittals, EBR Attridge are in the best position to defend you in any drug related offences.

From a wealth of experience we understand that these types of allegations are horrific and difficult to understand as to why they have been made.  Not only do most drug related offences carry imprisonable terms, some of which can be substantial, but it is the thought of it being made known to the friends, family and the public in general without you having your rightful say. Quite often the offence comes out of nowhere and without substance.

Drug offences can involve low to high level of alleged involvement. The individual may have a personal habit which, no matter how hard he or she tries, it cannot be broken, hence the reason for possession. He or she may not even know they have become “involved” in drugs. Perhaps you have been asked to collect or carry something for someone, unknown to you, you are trafficking drugs or unwittingly have ended up being the custodian of a large quantity of drugs? You are at a party and it is alleged you “shared” drugs with someone, making you a supplier?

Whatever the level of alleged involvement, we at EBR Attridge will not discriminate or attempt to judge your actions. We will approach each case with dedication, compassion and understanding. At EBR Attridge LLP, we have a wealth of many years experience in dealing with some of the most prolific and high profile drugs cases. Many of these high profile cases require careful analysis of complex mobile phone evidence, consisting of text messages, calls between others accused of some kind of involvement. In the current smart phone era, prosecuting authorities very often place great reliance on cell site evidence which allows various police forces to gather intelligence on individual movements and whereabouts, nationally and internationally.

We have a team at EBR Attridge LLP that are trained to carefully analyse mobile phone evidence and where required, deploy the services of Forensic mobile phone experts to provide Expert opinions on prosecution findings, which can severely damage prosecution evidence, laying the foundations for a cast iron defence for the accused. Throughout our many years of experience, we continue to enjoy a strong relationship with a range of Experts. Our clients freedom is our priority and only the best will do, leaving no stone unturned.

We have very close relationships with highly specialist Barristers and QCs who defend and prosecute Drugs Offences regularly. Expertise and specialism are fundamental in any drugs case. Our team are renowned for challenging any prosecuting authority, whether it is the National Crime Agency, Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise, the Serious and Organised Crime Directorate, or the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).  Is it the admissibility of Evidence? Was the search of premises lawful during that “dawn raid?” Have identification issues arisen from a weak undercover surveillance?

Take a look at the portfolio of cases for a flavour of our ability to deal with the most complex, prolific and challenging Drugs cases.

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