Robbery & Armed Robbery

At EBR Attridge Solicitors, our expert criminal defence solicitors are highly experienced in cases of:

  • Conspiracy to Rob
  • Armed Robbery
  • Robbery

Due to the complexity of these offences and the severe penalties associated with these crimes, if you are suspected of robbery, we would strongly advise you to seek specialist legal representation, especially prior to police interview or if facing prosecution. With this in mind, legal representation from EBR Attridge Solicitors right from the outset will help you work through the detail of your individual case and will provide you with peace of mind by leaving no stone unturned in advancing your case. We can represent you free of charge at the police station and thereafter, help assess your financial eligibility for legal aid funding for the Magistrates’ Court if you are charged.

Our criminal defence solicitors have been involved in many high profile and complex cases of this type and we will always provide you with the best legal advice and representation possible. The difference between us and many other criminal defence firms is that our clients come to us because of our reputation for providing a first class service and the results we achieve on behalf of our clients.

We strive to defend our clients to the best of our ability. We will analyse your case from every possible angle. We will advise you on all available defences and assist you in developing a case strategy. Our expert criminal solicitors will build your case by taking your instructions and going through every piece of evidence.

Prosecution evidence in robbery cases can often be complicated and substantial. Our solicitors are well connected with some of the leading experts in the fields of: telephone evidence such as mobile phone interrogation and cell site, forensic evidence such as DNA, fingerprint and blood, CCTV evidence including body mapping and ballistic evidence. We will challenge any disputed evidence with our own expert reports in order to fight your case.

In addition, we only use the best specialist barristers to achieve the best possible outcome of your case.  If you are being investigated, arrested or charged with robbery, contact us immediately for a consultation with one of our expert solicitors. Even if you have solicitors but are unhappy with them, we may still be able to help you.

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