Criminal Defence

Domestic Violence Protection Notices

 27th Nov 2017  News

Domestic Violence Protection Notices and Orders   Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPNs) are commonly issued by police when attending incidents of alleged domestic violence.   Invariably, whatever the... Read more

Drink Driving

 23rd Nov 2017  News

One More-No More   As we put Halloween and Bonfire Night behind us, easing into those dark wintry nights, it isn't long before Christmas is in our sights and party season gets underway.   As night follows d... Read more

Youth Crime and Investigations

 25th Oct 2017  News

Criminal investigations Cautions and conditional cautions for those aged 17 should take place in the presence of an appropriate adult. The rules about simple cautions previously contained in government guidance have bec... Read more

Appealing-The Puzzle resolved

 12th Oct 2017  News

Convicted Before A Magistrates' Court - Can I Appeal? Many people convicted before magistrates feel aggrieved at the outcome, and wish to consider an appeal. A grievance may arise because they think that their case was... Read more

Waste Not Want Not

 2nd Oct 2017  News

Environment Agency Clamping Down On Criminal Activity People who illegally dump waste have cost land and property owners millions of pounds in the last year, according to the Environment Agency. The financial impact, w... Read more