Criminal Defence

A Finger on the Scales of Liberty?

 12th Feb 2018  News

Police Roll Out Portable Identity Checking   The government this week announced that West Yorkshire Police has signed up to a new identity checking service.   The new service, already being used in a select... Read more

Doctors In The Dock

 8th Feb 2018  News

Doctors in the Dock   Many in the medical profession are up in arms following a recent High Court case involving Dr Bawa-Garba (General Medical Council v Bawa-Garba [2018] EWHC 76 (Admin).   The case follow... Read more

The Effects of Unlawful Snooping

 5th Feb 2018  News

Government Snooping Ruled Unlawful   In a legal challenge brought by the MP Tom Watson, and supported by campaign group Liberty, the High Court ruled that a major plank of the government's surveillance strategy is... Read more

Revenge Porn Can Be an Expensive Business

 31st Jan 2018  News

Revenge Porn Can Be an Expensive Business   "Revenge porn", the criminal act of posting online intimate sexual pictures/video of a person without their consent, carries a potential prison sentence of up to 2 years... Read more

The Right to be Forgotten

 25th Jan 2018  News

The "Right to be Forgotten"   Redemption has always been an important part of our justice system; you do the crime, you do time. Once your debt is paid, you should then be free to start again, without forever bein... Read more

The Prosecutor in Your Pocket

 17th Jan 2018  News

The Prosecutor in Your Pocket   We are all aware that we live in a surveillance society. CCTV cameras can record our movements around large towns and cities, and many homes now have them installed for protection.... Read more