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Having joined the renowned team of expert criminal defence lawyers at EBR Attridge LLP in 2008, Nora defends clients facing any one of a broad spectrum of criminal charges brought before the Courts each year by law enforcement agencies such as the Metropolitan Police, HM Revenue and Customs, National Crime Agency, the Police Central e-Crimes Unit and the Trading Standards Agency.

Nora specialises in advising EBR Attridge LLP’s clients currently under active criminal investigation or those having been charged with committing drugs trafficking, fraud and murder.

Additionally, Nora has extensive and wide ranging experience in all matters relating to Extradition Law.

Her combative qualities and rigorous approach to defending make her much sought after and her clients are all referrals through her reputation to skilfully and tactically present a defence case.

Nora Talbi is a member of the Criminal Litigation Scheme and therefore able to provide consummate legal advice to individuals who have been arrested for allegedly committing any type of criminal offence. Nora provides free legal advice 24 hours a day to clients held for questioning at any police station in and around central London and boroughs within the Greater London area as well as at police stations in Middlesex, Herts and Essex.

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Nora Talbi can be contacted on 0208 808 0774 or via email at where she or one of her colleagues may be able to assist you


A highly accomplished criminal defence lawyer, Nora Talbi’s professional achievements include providing criminal defence services in high profile cases, several of which are regarded as notable cases.

  • R v AW (2022) – AW was acquitted of an allegation of attempted murder. The jury unanimously returned a verdict of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity after only 20 minutes deliberation. In the summer of 2021, AW stabbed her neighbour in his home address. The neighbours had only known each other to pass brief pleasantries. During the incident and upon her arrest at the scene, AW made some very disturbing comments and she could be seen responding to voices in her head. In custody, she expressed bizarre beliefs about her cat.AW had originally been represented by solicitors who served an expert report from someone who was not qualified in the field of forensic psychiatry. We subsequently instructed the appropriate experts and persuaded the Secretary of State to transfer AW from prison to hospital for assessment. Over several months, her condition was dramatically transformed by therapy and anti-psychotic medication. The jury heard evidence from three eminent forensic psychiatrists (including her responsible clinician) who, by the end of the trial, all broadly agreed that at the time of the incident, AW was suffering from a disease of the mind (Paranoid Schizophrenia) causing a ‘defect of reason’ (experiencing hallucinations, persecutory delusions etc) such that whilst she knew the nature and quality of her actions, she did not appreciate that what she was doing was legally wrong. David Rhodes from Doughty Street Chambers was instructed in this case
  • R v B (2022) -  B was acquitted of murder and manslaughter after a ‘cut-throat’ trial lasting 7 weeks. Each defendant went to trial asserting that the other had been responsible for the fatal stabbing. Shortly before the commencement of the trial the prosecution served covert recordings from prison telephone calls.
  • R v F (2021) – Successfully challenged the Requested Person’s extradition to Portugal on his Article 8 rights. The Requested Person was the main care giver of his infant son who had significant healthcare issues.
  • R v G (2021) – Represented a Defendant charged with a large scale drugs conspiracy following a covert operation into the supply of Class A drugs in 3 North London Boroughs. All counts were left on file following the presentation of defence evidence of two psychiatrists.
  • R v C (2020) – Successfully challenged the Requested Person’s extradition to Spain on the basis that the offence was time barred. The case involved the instruction of a Spanish legal expert to determine if the time had been “interrupted” by the RP’s arrest in the UK
  • R v H (2020) – After 3 bail applications were refused at the Magistrates’ court in relation to this Requested Person who faced a Polish conviction warrant, a successful bail application was made to the High Court.
  • R v G (2020) – Successfully represented a Requested Person facing extradition to Albania. The EAW was discharged based on the defence evidence obtained confirming that the offences were time barred. The Requested Person was 14 years old at the time the offences were committed.

  • R v A (2019) – Travel to Bosnia to negotiate a successful plea agreement so that the Requested Person will avoid a prison sentence. This is believed to be the first Bosnian extradition case before Westminster Magistrates’ Court.
  • R v B (2019) – Represented a Defendant sentenced to 9 years imprisonment for GBH. We were instructed during the appeal proceedings. Her sentence was reduced by the Full Court in light of her personal family circumstances at the time the offences were committed.
  • R v S (2018) – Represented a Defendant charged with the murder of her partner. Following a trial, she was acquitted of the murder and convicted of manslaughter. 

  • R v K (2018) – Represented a Defendant in her appeal proceedings in relation to her sentence for ABH. Her custodial sentence was deemed manifestly excessive and reduced by the Full Court. This resulted in her immediate release from prison.

  • R v O (2018) – Represented a Defendant charged in a large scale drugs conspiracy with over 25 defendants. Following the service of the Defendant’s detailed Defence Statement containing our analysis of the telephone evidence including cell site data, the CPS took the decision to offer no further evidence against the Defendant a month before his trial was due to start.  
  • R v O (2017) – Multi-handed conspiracy to kidnap and to commit blackmail relating to a substantial drugs debt. The Defendant was acquitted on the kidnap charge.

  • R v D (2017) – successfully represented a Romanian national facing extradition to Romania on the basis of his Article 3 rights – prison conditions in Romania.
  • R v I (2016) - Successfully represented a defendant charged with conspiracy to defraud in the sum of £160 million. He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of money laundering in the sum of approximately £95k.
  • R v C (2016) – Defendant charged with controlling prostitution and drugs offences. Some 25,000 pages of telephone evidence were served in this case.
  • R v T (2015) – Successfully represented a Defendant in his Confiscation Proceedings following his conviction for a large scale “phishing” scam fraud involving the Inland Revenue and a number of High Street banks. We did not represent the Defendant during his criminal case. He approached Ms. Talbi 6 weeks before the Confiscation Hearing was due to take place. Some 7,000 pages of evidence were served in this case. His case was prepared with expertise and efficiency. After a contested hearing, the Judge ruled that the defendant did not have any hidden assets with which to satisfy a Confiscation Order.
  • R v B (2015) – Represented a Defendant charged with multiple counts of kidnapping, blackmail, GBH and x2 Firearms offences before the Recorder of London (Old Bailey). The Defendant was convicted of 3 of the 9 counts he faced.
  • R v O (2015) – successfully represented a Defendant charged with the rape of his ex-partner, ABH and possession of a firearm. Following a detailed examination of the telephone evidence (cell site data) we were able to demonstrate that the Defendant could not have been where the complainant had said he was when the alleged assault took place. This evidence was served on the Prosecution in advance of the trial however they still proceeded against the Defendant. Following cross examination of the complainant, we successfully argued that the case against the Defendant should not continue. We were able to identify some 20 inconsistencies within the Complainants account. The Defendant was acquitted of all counts in a trial that took place before the Recorder of Croydon.
  • R v B (2015) – Defendant charged in a multimillion pound duty diversion fraud. 13,000 pages of financial evidence were served relating to various companies in the UK and in France.
  • R v C (2015) – Defendant charged with conspiracy to import and supply over £3 million pounds worth of Class A and Class B drugs across Britain. The Defendant was alleged to have used internationally recognised haulage and courier companies. The Defendant was acquitted.
  • R v JMS (2014) – Represented the lead defendant charged with the murder of a senior member of a North London gang in a trial lasting 3 months at the Old Bailey. The defendant was also indicted with the attempted murder of the cousin of the deceased and the attempted murder of his getaway driver following the murder. This case involved substantial and complex telephone evidence, CCTV and forensic evidence.
  • R v A (2014) – successfully represented a defendant arrested as part of the infamous stings carried out by the Sun Newspapers’ “Fake Sheik”.
  • R v W (2013) - Represented one of 10 defendants charged with the murder of a man in East London. Over 10,000 pages of evidence was served including CCTV and telephone evidence. The defendant was acquitted following a 3 month trial at the Old Bailey.
  • R v R (2013) – In one of Suffolk Trading Standards’ biggest investigation 6 defendants were charged with conspiracy to defraud in relation to PPI reclaims, debt elimination services and escort agencies. This case later featured in an ITV1 documentary.
  • R v P (2013) – Represented one of 9 defendants charged with money laundering in the sum of £9.2 million. The case centred on two money exchange bureaus in London. The Defendant was acquitted.
  • R v S (Extradition) – In November 2013, the Supreme Court allowed an extradition appeal on behalf of a Lithuanian national, settling the long-standing question of the validity of a European Arrest Warrant issued by a Ministry of Justice. It was successfully argued that the client’s EAW was invalid, since it had been issued by the Ministry at the request of a prison, rather than a court. Member states were not intended to have carte blanche to define ‘judicial authority’ however they choose.
  • The case was one of three before the court, and the sole appeal to be allowed on behalf of a requested person. The court's ruling will have a profound effect on the validity of EAWs issued by a Ministry of Justice on behalf of non-judicial bodies in Lithuania and several other EU states. The Court also departed from its principal reason for refusing the appeal of Assange in reliance on the applicability of the Vienna Convention and state practice to its interpretation of the European Framework Decision.
  • The Supreme Court, held that the concept of a ‘judicial authority' is embedded in European Union law and so falls to be interpreted by looking at the instrument’s context and intended effects. In the context of the Framework Decision, the Court decided that the most obvious purpose of insisting on the concept was to ensure objectivity (including freedom from political or executive influence) in decision-making and to enhance confidence in a system which was going to lead to a new level of mutual cooperation including the surrender of member states’ own nationals to other member states. Ben Cooper from Doughty Street Chambers was instructed in this case and he was led by James Lewis QC from 3 Raymond Buildings.
  • R v J (2013) – Represented a defendant charged with the murder of the fashion designer Billy Boyce before the Old Bailey.
  • R v H (2012) – Successfully secured the acquittal of a defendant charged with a substantial mortgage fraud and money laundering allegations.
  • R v Z (2012) – Represented one of 5 defendants charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine. A hydraulic press and drugs paraphernalia were found at the defendant’s address. Following a lengthy trial at Kingston Crown Court, the defendant was acquitted.
  • R v R (2012) – Successfully secured the acquittal of a defendant charged with the importation of 5 tonnes of cocaine into the UK from Colombia. Much of the evidence consisted of covertly recorded conversations during prison social visits.
  • R v B (2011) – Represented a defendant charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and conspiracy to cultivate cannabis.
  • R v M (2011) – Represented a defendant charged with conspiracy to import Class A drugs into the UK from Spain.
  • R v K (2009) – A case of conspiracy to import 326 kilos of heroin into the United Kingdom from Holland.
  • R v Z (2009) – A case of human trafficking and money laundering on a massive scale and spanning a 4 year period. During the trial lasting two months the defence relied upon crucial witness evidence, this evidence having been obtained in China and presented via video link from Shanghai.
  • R v A (2008) – A multi-handed conspiracy to steal high value motor vehicles using keys fraudulently obtained from various dealerships. The vehicles were then taken out of the jurisdiction to Dubai, Cyprus and Morocco.
  • R v S (2007) – A case involving allegations of a conspiracy to import 337 kilos of cocaine into the United Kingdom from Venezuela.
  • R v M (2007) – The defence of a Colombian national charged with conspiracy to import cocaine into the UK from Costa Rica and Colombia. Much of the prosecution evidence came from covert listening devices attached to the defendants’ vehicles, and covert surveillance of meetings. The defendant was acquitted.
  • R v A (2006) – A case involving the importation of cocaine in excess of 90 kilos from Mexico.
  • R v R (2006) – Represented the principal defendant in a multi-handed drugs conspiracy. Much of the Crown’s case centred on the evidence of a police ‘supergrass’ who had been briefed by officers from the Serious and Organised Crime Agency for over a year before the arrest of 12 defendants in the UK. The trial was heard at the Central Criminal Court and lasted over 3 months. The Defendant was acquitted.
  • R v W (2005) – A case relating to a conspiracy to import drugs into the UK from Guyana. The prosecution was brought as a result of a joint operation by UK and French Authorities.
  • R v D (2003) – A multi-handed drugs conspiracy to supply and import cocaine into the United Kingdom from Colombia. The case led to the largest seizure of cocaine in UK history and was prosecuted as a result of a lengthy combined investigation by UK, Colombian and European law enforcement agencies. The evidence included a mass of material relating to wide-ranging and extensive covert surveillance.




 What people have said about Nora’s service;

I don’t know how to begin thanking you for everything you have done for me. There is no perfect way to show my gratitude and it is hard to imagine what would have happened without you by my side.  Seeing you always brought comfort in those hard and stressful days of my life. I wish you every success and happiness in your life as you truly deserve it.

- S. Pishehvarz

I will never be able to thank you enough for all you support and hard work for the past 20 months; not only for me but for my partner and family too.

Thank you mostly for caring and making me feel safe. I know on a number of occasions you went beyond your call of duty by helping me whilst I was detained overseas and answering my calls or emails 24 hours a day. You sourced the perfect barristers not only for my case but you also took into consideration my personality and throughout my ordeal I always felt secure knowing you were in control of my defence team. Not once was I ever unsure how my case was progressing and again this is because of the outstanding service I was given by being provided with constant updates, explanations of what was going to happen (discussed in a way which I could understand) and most importantly honest and always professional advice. If anyone is ever in the position where they need a Solicitor and they are fortunate to find you they will be more than blessed.


Without your hard work, dedication and knowledge I don’t doubt that the outcome of the trial would have been much worse. You are an amazing solicitor. You have not only done your job to the best of your ability but the kindness and support you have given all of us has been life changing

-R. Bryan

I cannot thank you enough for your help when I faced the most serious of crimes at the Old Bailey. I would not be where I am today without your continuous dedication to my case

- N. Wareham

I have been instructed by Ms Talbi on a number of cases where a psychiatric report has been required by a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist. She has a good appreciation of the interface between criminal law and mental health law and a good understanding of when it is important to seek a psychiatric opinion. She provides clear, concise instructions and both Ms Talbi and her assistants are always efficient, organised and professional

- Dr Alan S Reid, MBChB, MRCPsych, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist.

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