Benefit Fraud

EBR Attridge have since its business commencement, some 35 years ago, been situated in local areas representing local residents and clients. 

We understand that having an approachable and acceptable face allows us to provide a service that connects with the individual and assists as best we can, as soon as we can.  With that first hand representation and contact with you within the community we acknowledge that sometimes people can be suspected of or drawn into frauds through no fault of their own.  One such type of fraud is that of Benefit Fraud.

Benefit Fraud is a criminal offence and is treated differently to benefit overpayments. This is because benefit overpayments can happen for other reasons. For example, because the benefit office made a mistake or because you were not aware that you had to tell the benefit office about a change of circumstances which meant you were entitled to less benefit. If you have acted dishonestly or deliberately to claim benefits to which you’re not entitled and this comes to the attention of the office paying your benefit, they may try to investigate you for  benefit fraud.

Being investigated or charged with benefit fraud is obviously extremely upsetting and worrying not to mention the concerns you will have for your future and that of your family.  The investigation is normally made worse by the suspension of benefit payments and in some cases termination. We at EBR Attridge understand how difficult and stressful your situation is, but we can help you to be clear about your legal position and what the next steps are for you.  Benefit fraud is serious and you will need the best possible criminal fraud defence team to be able to build a case for you.

Using our tried and tested team of experienced solicitors, barristers and case workers, we will make sure that we do not wait for the prosecuting bodies to build their case but will be proactive in building our own defence and identifying the right strategy to give you the best chance of dealing with the matter promptly and successfully.

We have built a strong reputation in criminal fraud defence and we will be able to put all of those skills and experience behind you, its what we do.

If you are being investigated or prosecuted, please make an appointment to see a specialist fraud Solicitor who can attend upon you by telephone, face-to-face or online

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