Investment Fraud

EBR Attridge’s leading and specialist fraud team have successfully defended various complex investment frauds whether they fall under the guise of Ponzi schemes, Pyramid schemes, Recovery Room or Boiler Room Frauds.

Investigations into schemes such as these can be lengthy and cause immense distress and loss of reputation to anyone who is facing allegations or charges involving, as well as operating, a Ponzi or Pyramid investment scam. Whilst there are numerous variations on the schemes, typically, these Investment Frauds offer unrealistically high returns on investment. They operate in small, yet highly sophisticated and talented teams of individuals, all with exceptional customer service and persuasion skills.

The schemes often target groups of people, whether they are the elderly, the rich or those with gambling or investment habits. Information on the victims is therefore usually obtained from online databases, which supply personal and contact details, together with historic information on the victims’ investment profiles.

These schemes go further than merely contacting potential investors using cold-calling methods but instead provide glossy brochures, high-quality websites and countless online reviews to support their presented credibility. By the very nature of these alleged schemes, often those involved are persuaded not to disclose the manner in which they sought return on their investments in order to disguise the actual fraud from others.

This is the key feature in defending Ponzi Fraud or Pyramid Scheme cases. Proactive management advice given by our specialist fraud team focuses on the ability of those at the top of the chain to show how and why their scheme was legitimate and commercially able to succeed as well as for those at the bottom end to demonstrate they exercised reasonable due-diligence to ensure what they were selling / proposing was a legitimate and honest scheme.

We regularly deal with the Financial Service Authority (FSA) the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).  At EBR Attridge we have a specialist team of solicitors dealing in Investment Frauds who have represented and continue to act in some of the most complex and high profile criminal prosecutions brought in relation to this detailed and complex area of law.

If you are being investigated or prosecuted, please make an appointment to see a specialist Solicitor who can attend upon you by telephone, face-to-face or online.

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