Qc or not QC

 4th Apr 2018  News

Do I Need a QC?   We are often asked questions about QCs, most probably because the image of leading barristers has been epitomised over the years in leading television dramas such as Silk and Kavanagh QC, it is t... Read more

Conveying Articles into Prison-The Consequences

 19th Mar 2018  News

Throwing articles into prisons   It can be a temptation to family members, and to others perhaps for financial gain, to seek to convey articles into prisons. The chance of being detected is high and possibly for t... Read more

Domestic Abuse Protections and Challenges

 13th Mar 2018  News

New Domestic Abuse Protections Announced   In a major announcement, the government has signalled a busy year ahead with legislative changes affecting the criminal law.   Following on from the recent announc... Read more

Your Solicitor-Your Choice to get it right

 7th Mar 2018  News

Choosing a Solicitor - One Chance to Get It Right   For many people, facing the prospect of criminal investigation or proceedings is a daunting prospect, one that can often inflict a heavy toll not just on themsel... Read more

Knife Crime - Sentencing Changes

 2nd Mar 2018  News

Knife Crime - Sentencing Changes   Knife crime is very much on the political agenda, with a number of stabbings having taken place over the last few weeks, resulting in deaths and injury, and no doubt the loss of... Read more

What Happens in Rome, May Not Stay in Rome

 20th Feb 2018  News

What Happens in Rome, May Not Stay in Rome   Most people know that if you commit a criminal offence in the UK, the police will record details of that offence and any subsequent sentence so that it is revealed duri... Read more