Landfill Tax fraud & Waste Crime

 17th Jan 2023  News

Landfill Tax fraud & Waste Crime   Landfill Tax applies to all waste disposed at a licensed landfill site (unless the waste is classed as exempt).   The permit holders for landfill sites (operators) are... Read more

Highly Dangerous Weapons & Sentencing

 20th Sep 2022  News

Highly Dangerous Weapons & Sentencing   When sentencing for offences of assault, the use of a weapon will always be an aggravating feature. The sentencing guideline also refers explicitly to "highly dangerous... Read more

Barrister Strikes and Custody Time Limits

 12th Sep 2022  News

Barrister Strikes and Custody Time Limits   Custody time limits seek to regulate the maximum period that a person can be held in custody before their trial commencing. Broadly speaking, that period is one of six m... Read more

DNA and biometric evidence

 6th Dec 2021  News

DNA and biometric evidence   The Commissioner for the Retention and Use of Biometric Material, Fraser Sampson, has published his annual report for 2020.   What are biometrics? The report provides a working... Read more

Sentencing Repeat Offenders

 20th Oct 2021  News

Sentencing repeat offenders   Fasail Hussain was sentenced earlier this year for drugs offences. The sentencing judge imposed a total term of 2293 days imprisonment.   Hussain had been released from prison... Read more