Can I get a suspended prison sentence

 12th Nov 2018  News

Can I get a suspended prison sentence?   A suspended sentence is a term of imprisonment that is suspended so that you do not go into custody immediately and will not go into custody if you comply with the conditio... Read more

Contempt of Court

 1st Oct 2018  News

Contempt of Court   The case of Tommy Robinson, or to give him his real name, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, has brought this issue into the public eye, but what is it all about?   What is contempt of court?  ... Read more

Do I have to give the police my phone PIN?

 19th Sep 2018  News

Do I have to give the police my phone PIN?   The simple answer is no, but there are potential consequences in certain circumstances.   When can they ask?   It is arguable that the police could ask yo... Read more

Assaults on Emergency Workers

 17th Sep 2018  News

Assaults on Emergency Workers   Is there a specific offence?   Until now the only specific offence has been that of assaulting a police officer. This is a summary only offence which carries a maximum of 6 m... Read more