Plead in Haste, Regret at Leisure

 16th Jan 2019  News

Plead in Haste, Regret at Leisure   It should go without saying that no plea ought to be entered in any criminal case unless and until the case has been appropriately considered.   Regrettably, we see an in... Read more

A Simple Adjournment?

 2nd Jan 2019  News

A Simple Adjournment?   In criminal practice and procedure, you might think that the humble adjournment is a relatively simple and straightforward matter, but you would be wrong.   A little like buses, neve... Read more

My past convictions coming back to haunt me?

 1st Jan 2019  News

 Will the Court Know About My Previous Convictions?   If you are being sentenced for an offence, the court will be aware of, and may take into account, any convictions you have. Whether this has any impact up... Read more

Psychoactive Substances-The Review and Update

 24th Dec 2018  News

Psychoactive Substances   New legislation was introduced in 2016 banning the production, sale, distribution and supply of psychoactive substances. Within that legislation was a requirement for the government to re... Read more

Drink Driving - The Reality

 21st Dec 2018  News

Drink Driving - The Reality   Many people have an image of a typical drink driver: overweight man, staggering from the pub after an all-day session and getting into his car. A few minutes later that car being pull... Read more

Stop and Search

 10th Dec 2018  News

Stop and Search   The power of the police to stop and search is currently in the media due to the rise in murders and serious crimes of violence involving the use of knives, particularly in London. A particular ar... Read more