“I’m Going to Kill You!”

 20th Jun 2018  News

“I’m Going to Kill You!”   How many times have you said something similar?   Is it an offence?   If you make such a threat, intending that another would fear it would be carried ou... Read more

Minimum Sentences and Exceptional Circumstances

 13th Jun 2018  News

Minimum Sentences   For certain offences, there are minimum terms of imprisonment that a court must impose, absent exceptional circumstances (or it being unjust), these sentences can be automatically imposed even... Read more

Getting Tough on Breach of Court Orders

 7th Jun 2018  News

Getting Tough on Breach of Court Orders   Today (7 June 2018), the Sentencing Council has published new guidelines for judges and magistrates for when they are sentencing offenders who have breached court orders.... Read more

But i had no choice!

 18th May 2018  News

But I had no choice!   There is a defence in law known as necessity or duress of circumstances. It can be very difficult to demonstrate and will only apply in unusual and extreme circumstances. It is used to descr... Read more