Trial Delays

 17th Mar 2020  News

Trial Delays   A defendant has the right to a fair trial within a reasonable time. In exceptional cases, a delay will lead to a stay of proceedings as an abuse of process.   A stay of proceedings is an extr... Read more

Criminal Justice and Coronavirus

 11th Mar 2020  News

Criminal Justice and Coronavirus   As the UK prepares to move into the 'delay phase', changes are expected to criminal justice procedure. So, what might be expected to change?   Criminal Investigations &nb... Read more

Circumstantial Evidence

 11th Mar 2020  News

Circumstantial Evidence   Circumstantial evidence is widely misunderstood, and many people cannot understand how a case can be advanced without primary evidence of wrongdoing.   To illustrate this, we can u... Read more

12 Good Men or is it 14? Jury trials

 26th Feb 2020  News

Jury Trial - Is 14 too many?   If you ask most people how many people are selected to sit on a jury hearing a criminal case, the answer from most if not all will be 12.   It can, therefore, come as somethin... Read more

Forensic evidence

 26th Feb 2020  News

Forensic evidence   The Forensic Science Regulator regulates forensic scientists in England and Wales. The Regulator ensures that the provision of forensic science evidence across the criminal justice system is su... Read more