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Javed qualified as a solicitor and joined the firm in 2002 and is now an associate solicitor and manager of the duty solicitor department, at the Central London office.

He is a dedicated lawyer with an absolute passion for his job. Always putting his clients first, he prides himself on working tirelessly and fighting for fairness.

Javed is known for his meticulous preparation of large and often complex Crown Court cases and has been instructed to represent defendants charged with a variety of offences including serious fraud, terrorism, drugs and murder.

Javed also specialises in representation in police interviews and has a reputation for vigorously challenging the police, often leading to no action being taken against the suspect. He has experience of representing clients in lengthy, complicated terrorist interviews and has lectured on the official Metropolitan Police Interpreters course, providing interpreters with an insight into the role of the solicitor at the police station and procedure in police interviews.

Javed has an extremely patient, warm and compassionate manner, hence his diverse and loyal client base from a variety of backgrounds. He also regularly represents youths and clients with mental health issues.

He is a member of the Society of Asian Lawyers

Outside of work, Javed, is a family man with two young children. He is a keen sportsman, taking part in marathons and triathlons and has a passion for music and cooking. He has also travelled extensively throughout Asia and South America.


Contact Javed Chughtai

Javed Chughtai can be contacted on 0207 842 8600 or via email javedchughtai@ebrattridge.com to discuss how he together with other team members at EBR Attridge LLP may be of service.





R v JP and others [2017] Hull Crown Court – currently representing one of multiple defendants awaiting trial for a ‘vishing’ fraud targeting elderly victims throughout the Yorkshire and the Midlands.

R v VC [2016] Central Criminal Court – successfully represented a doctor charged with causing grievous bodily harm by tearing her husband’s scrotum with her nails during a tequila fuelled argument. The jury acquitted VC in less than an hour after hearing of the violence that VC had suffered at the hands of her husband before being forced to act in self defence. The case attracted extensive media coverage.


R v IF and others [2015] Central Criminal Court – successfully defended one of ten defendants for a nationwide ‘vishing’ fraud in which elderly victims were targeted by the defendants who imitated police officers and persuaded them to withdraw and hand over their life savings. It was suggested that the proceeds are said to have funded terrorist groups fighting in Syria and Iraq. IF was the only one of ten defendants to have been acquitted following a trial.


R v DO and others [2014] Central Criminal Court – currently representing a defendant in a’ joint enterprise’ murder case whose conviction is being challenged in the Court of Appeal following the recent change in the law of joint enterprise.


R v JS and others [2014] Southwark Crown Court - represented one of the defendants charged following the Operation Fernbridge investigation of abuse, in the 1980s at Grafton Close Children’s Home in west London and Elm Guest House in Barnes.


R v EJ [2013] Woolwich Crown Court - EJ was charged with adminstering a poison with intent to endanger life, having given a baby a bottle containing bleach whilst in his pushchair in McDonalds. She was found unfit to plead and be tried because of a combination of learning difficulties and psychotic illness.


R v KB and others [2013] Harrow CC – successfully represented KB who was one of two defendant’s who were the claimants in four sets of proceedings at the Royal Courts of Justice, in which they were seeking to recover alleged non-existent loans previously made by a private bank to a number of companies and organisations connected to the Gaddafi regime in Libya. The value of the fraud claims was in the region of £2 billion.

R V SJ [2012} Wood Green Crown Court – successfully defended a youth who was acquitted of violent disorder during the 2011 London riots.

R v AS and others [2008] Central Criminal Court – represented one of the defendants charged under the Terrorism Act with conspiracy to murder (liquid bomb case).


R v LS and others [2008] Southwark CC – Very High Cost Case (VHCC) - represented one of 14 defendants in the largest ever UK cannabis importation case.


R v JC and others [2007] Central Criminal Court – represented one of 4 youths charged with murder in a ‘gang related’ stabbing.


R v PB [2007] Inner London Crown Court – represented a well known singer and Big Brother celebrity who was charged with assaulting his partner. The case was eventually discontinued.



‘Javed was an absolute godsend to us……he was spot on with everything and helped me survive a terrible time.’ (Mrs M – mother of client)

‘from the first day I met Javed I found him to be very efficient, helpful and understanding and of high excellence’ (Mr M)

‘thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. It was very insightful and extremely helpful’ (Ms S - student on police interpreter’s course)

‘Mr Javed Chughtai is highly professional and supported me throughout my case. I would highly recommend him’ (Ms S – fraud client)

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