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Steve has worked at this practice for in excess of 25 years and has been managing our City office since 2009.

Steve remains committed to our work despite the increasingly hostile and difficult environment we operate in.

Steve runs his own workload from minor matters to the most serious ones based on recommendation alone and specialise in serious crime, extradition and proceeds of crime act cases.

Steve is fiercely independent and demands the highest professional standards.

Contact Steve Law

Steve Law can be contacted on 07980 900 808, 0207 842 8600 or via email to discuss how he together with other team members at EBR Attridge LLP may be of service.


US v C- substantial extradition case, one of the first under the controversial Treaty with US and widely reported. Uniquely secured bail to the UK. Widely reported.

R v T- and others - previously acted for all 3 of those killed in the ‘Essex Boys’ case. I have subsequently acted for numerous defendants accused of links to gangland Essex.

R v P- contract killing case with the defendant acquitted after extensive independent forensics, including ballistics, fibres, podiatry and dye.

R v E- remains the largest MDMA manufacture case in the UK. Acquitted after independent organic chemists instructed.

R v B - 'witchcraft' murder case, widely reported.

R v C - complex confiscation proceedings that involved property law, family law and an eventual determination in the defendant's favour.

Czech Republic v M - this matter lasted a number of years, involved extending the permitted time for appeal and obtaining an injunction to prevent the defendant being taken.

R v A - 'honour killing' case, widely reported.

R v H - one of the largest class C drug importations involving The Medicines Act and issues of jurisdiction. R v Green and others - The case was one of the first alleged ‘joint enterprise’ killings to be tried since the Supreme Court ruling in R v Jogee [2016] UKSC 8, with that case proving of central importance to achieving the result.

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