Sexual Offences

Working with experienced solicitors and barristers with a proven track record of acquittals EBR Attridge are in the best position to defend you in any Sexual Offence allegation.

From a wealth of experience we understand that these type of allegations are horrific and difficult to understand as to why they have been made.  Not only does the offence carry a imprisonable term but it is the thought of it being made known to the friends, family and the public in general without you having your rightful say. Quite often the offence comes out of nowhere, without substance and is made solely by an individual.

EBR Attridge have for many years represented those accused falsely of this type of offence. We know from experience the impact any proceedings have on the individual and their closest family and work with you to ensure that you are familiar with case preparation, court proceedings and the trial itself, should it get that far.  These offences are often based purely on issues of consent and EBR Attridge ensure that best case preparation and working closely with you leaves nothing to chance and that you are fully prepared for the task ahead.  It is this preparation and method that has proven time and time again that these type of cases can be won at trial and that you can eventually return to normality.

In particular Gerry McDonald, partner at EBR, has worked alongside organisations such as Daftmoo and PAFAA for near on a decade with over 100 documented NFAs, dismissals and acquittals.

Whether you are accused of Rape, Historic Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Social Media Porn, Distributing Pornographic Material, Possessing / Distributing Indecent Images, Causing or Inciting Sexual Activity, Child Sex Offences or  Grooming; An experienced Solicitor and Barrister will work with you to go through the evidence in your case developing a strategy to secure all defence evidence and present your case in a way which will ensure the best possible chances of success.

We do not publicise any Sexual Offence cases on our website owing to their very sensitive nature. By researching the above organizations you can get first hand feedback from the many clients we have successfully acted for.  We can safely say that we are the specialist Solicitors you would want on your side if you are being investigated or prosecuted

We have very close relationships with specialist Barristers and QCs who defend and prosecute Sexual Offences cases on a regular basis. Expertise and specialism are fundamental in a sexual offences case, as the law has developed and witnesses or victims must be approached with a particular skill.

If you are being investigated or prosecuted, please make an appointment to see a Sexual Offence Solicitor who can attend upon you by telephone, face-to-face or online.

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